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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"


I just want to say, going through all that Windwaker bullcrap was worth it for the bonus at the end of your quiz.

I thought I was the only one who ever saw that! The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Kid Nintendo... and your bonus. Good times, but too many Windwaker questions. I expected more old school Zelda.

CrawlAway responds:

i loved the wind waker...

The Memories...

This game brought back bunches of memories from wen I was like 10...I haven't played the new zeldas but i must say great trivia game. The music was really nice, backgrounds and everything too. The video at the end ugh >_< I watched an episode of Zelda the series and I wanted to throw up...

amazing tribute to the Zelda series!

Wow, this quiz was really good, and the bonus was what made it for me: I had always heard "it" had existed, but today I finally got the proof! So for giving such gratification in my search for "it," I give your creation a 10!

Do the quiz and find out what "it" is for yourself!

Everything after Majora's Mask was tough.

But I still got to see the bonus. That, and this test, have one similarity. They were both dope. Mad props!

I love you!

I beat that but I did not know most of the extreme questions, because I haven't even played all the Zelda games, but I hope to one day. Or at least, all the good ones. Anyway, that quiz was good but the bonus video made it all worth it! Thanks =). First time I ever got a good award for finishing a quiz!