Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


very good work considering it was made frame by frame


What was you thinking? No action, lame story, retarted sound. How low can you go. God im going to go watch the Matrix still has you again.

DaxFire responds:

have fun

Are u saying that greedyness is BAD?????

we live in a world controled by greddy flash makers and professional flash makers..... WHO CARES!!!!!!! AS LONG AS U MAKE A FLASH, WE DON'T CARE IF YOUR GRANDPA MAKES FLASHES (no insult ment) we really don't care.

DaxFire responds:

you care enough to write a review

This movie is ok .

This movie is to ƒu***ing long it ok but it to long .


good graphics the sound was ok at first but the movie was so long it started bugging me way to boring not funny at all good work your good at everything except sound and comedy try again