Reviews for "Mario Fighters"

i cant believe i watched the WHOLE THING...

ok man, i respect that this is frame by frame, and also it was made in MS Paint or whatever, and i respect that u were like 11 years old.... but GOD DUDE, this thing was like 10 minutes long (it seemed longer, trust me!) and the story was so slow and ........okokok, im just gonna stop myself now. look man, i have made flashes a couple of years ago that i dont dare show to public because i know they suck, BAD! did u honestly think people would give u good reviews because of your "noble stand against greed". seriously, u must be a little kid dude. bottom line, just cause a flash took u 6 months and a few of your buddies said it was cool doesnt mean u should throw it at newgrounds and "hope 4 the best"... im sorry, but if i put my crap on newgrounds i know the responces id get... in all honesty, im know u worked hard on this, and if u put this on newgrounds u must want REAL feedback, here it is: the animation is pitiful, the same song loops the whole time, the lame matrix ending was shameless and the whole thing was obviously made as u went along, no direction what-so-ever, which is prolly why its so long. sorry man, but thats my real feelings. blam

DaxFire responds:

I didn't submit this because I thought everyone would like it. Of course not everyones gonna like it. I just wanted people to see it.

Pitiful. BLAM'D.

I have never seen a worse use of mario sprites. Please, never make another Flash again. Ever.

DaxFire responds:


You Suck!

That was one of the worst movies i've seen! No violence at all! The least you could do is shown Luigi get killed!

Not the greatest

I have seen a lot better. The animation wasn't great, the story was not very cohesive, and the music didn't really compliment the picture. I gave a 6 in humor, not for anything that was in the movie but for your author's comment. You claim to be noble and pure yet I can donate money to you through paypal. That to me was really funny.

Nice work.

This is probably one of the best Mario parodies ever (aside from the Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom series). Dax is right, people are in it for the money these days. I'm glad to see a flash artist that's only in it for the fun. Nice work, I hope to see more submissions by this artist.