Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


my god this movie sucked....long, boreing, and made no sense.

Oh, dear god...

Cripes, man, work on... everything. Your movie was long and boring. The only thing I could like about your movie was the effort, and even that was wasted.

Not a thing in there was funny. I could make something better in 2 days. Seriously.

DaxFire responds:

then go do that instead of sitting here and talking about it. I'd like tah see this.


ok that was long and boring, i didnt even watch the whole thing cause it was so retarded. The idea was great but you need to work on it, maybe use an actual FLASH program.


Awesome film dude.

well, I pretty much dislike this movie.....

I dislike the graphics, you certainly could've made it better, and I could even think that wasn't made in flash, since flash can make better things, also, it's boring, long, and that song gets boring and boring! personally I dislike this entry, sorry dude, I know it took you hard work but, you made it with screenshots....I guess....