Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


The music didn't help, but this flash was very annoying. It was too long and it was so random that I didn't even follow what the heck was going on.

cmon man

u said u worked six months on it! this could be made in ike a day! u wasted your time if you spent 6 months on it

DaxFire responds:

It can't be made in a day by an 11 year old in microsoft paint.

Pitiful. BLAM'D.

I have never seen a worse use of mario sprites. Please, never make another Flash again. Ever.

DaxFire responds:



ok that was long and boring, i didnt even watch the whole thing cause it was so retarded. The idea was great but you need to work on it, maybe use an actual FLASH program.


my god this movie sucked....long, boreing, and made no sense.