Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


best thing on it was the red replay button.

DaxFire responds:

yeah I worked hard on that red play button.


well theres about half an hour out of my life i'll never get back

DaxFire responds:

7 minutes dude

hehehe good movie man

omfg this movie was great man i liked everything about it (hehe freak gasoline fight accident way to copy zoolander).

DaxFire responds:



Haha, Nice little excuse you used there Dax. And that McVanson thing... what the f*** we all know your real name is P** S*** (I won't reveal it).

The story, pretty funny but I really hated the animation. I know you only made it in one day but, an animation is meant for joy or to hold people in suspense not knowing what will be next etc.

I'm in the mood for writing REALLY long reviews right now ;) Talk to ya soon.

DaxFire responds:

1 day? 6 months! The storys true dude! All I did in the day was add music and the opener! And none of these people know my real name...I mean...my real name is Dax...

That was so bad, it gave me cancer!!!

GOOD LORD. THAT WAS TERRIBLE. "The classic by Dax?" who the fuck defined that as a classic? Your own egotistical warped stupid mind? Jesus hates that movie.
"A long long time ago, 11 year old Dax McVanson sat at his computer and decided "I wanna make people happy". "I wanna make em laugh". Dax sat there, worked hard, and made this..."
...and evilnerd666 gave it a zero, because it sucked balls on so many levels.

DaxFire responds:

I'd give that review about an 8 outta 10 on the trying tah be cool scale.