Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


Tell your friend to start using Flash from now on. He could make great animations.

DaxFire responds:

Lol! The person I was talking about was me when I was younger!

fuk that shit man mario was this fukn shit

you suck balls and so does everyone else who said this was a good flash i could have made it if i wanted to wich i wouldnt have because mario is a pimp and if it werent for him and the people who created the mario games. shit would suck. i think? SNOOGINS

DaxFire responds:

No you couldn't have

cmon man

u said u worked six months on it! this could be made in ike a day! u wasted your time if you spent 6 months on it

DaxFire responds:

It can't be made in a day by an 11 year old in microsoft paint.


Well, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't like the best. I think it might actually look better as a webcomic if you could pull that off. I mean, since there's no speech involved or anything it would almost be a decent one. Other than that, I think you should keep working and aim higher. So keep it up, man.


The music didn't help, but this flash was very annoying. It was too long and it was so random that I didn't even follow what the heck was going on.