Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


this movie was a bit boreing and long and not much of a plot.Also the thing you said is wrong not all flash makers make movies make it to get rich just about all of them don't make a dime.

DaxFire responds:

Actually we all make money off our movies. Except the guys that suck.

didn't feel it

the whole idea was alright i guess... but the humour wasn't all that great, and i lost interest really quickly


this suck nuts.... first of all what the hell would a eleven year old be talking about playboy bunnies second of all what was up with all those akward pauses and thirdly why would you make this in ms paint???? even if it was

DaxFire responds:

paint was all I had back then


Look.... this was bad. And your little plea for attention with the whole I made this in MS Paint thing is bunk. You made this movie when you were blah blah blah... I honestly don't see the 'purity' of a movie about where all of Mario's pals decide to gang up and kill him. Graphics were sub-par, not because it was a sprite flash, but because it was a crappy sprite flash. The song was a horrible choice, especially because I had to listen to it over and over and over again. I learned from experience that hard work does not always equal fashy goodness. And Dax McVanson? You probably get teased a lot. Please make something a LITTLE better, so that I can give you a nicer review.

DaxFire responds:

I've made so much better stuff since then. Check out my mushroom madness series and "not another mario movie".

this movie is so boring

this movie takes forever and is boring