Reviews for "Mario Fighters"

Not good, not bad, not blamable.

Pretty good, you could've inserted SFX, btw. If i were you, i could've used Fireworks.


that was a good ass movie nice work.


The graphics and animation sucked, and like the guy before me, the looping music P***ed me off. But, the idea was original and the ending was classic; a very important part of the movie. But seriously: next time, try to make the animation a little better.

That was boring.

Sorry, but that was really boring. There was hardly any fighting and the music from Luigi's Manson was annoying after awhile. It was also a little confusing.

I wish this was better

look here are some tips get more sprites make the music change after a while i mean the du du du da da da was annoying and you need better lines when your guys talk i almost fell asleep! but i know your better now so go and remake this please