Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


good graphics the sound was ok at first but the movie was so long it started bugging me way to boring not funny at all good work your good at everything except sound and comedy try again

Not the greatest

I have seen a lot better. The animation wasn't great, the story was not very cohesive, and the music didn't really compliment the picture. I gave a 6 in humor, not for anything that was in the movie but for your author's comment. You claim to be noble and pure yet I can donate money to you through paypal. That to me was really funny.

this movie is so boring

this movie takes forever and is boring

didn't feel it

the whole idea was alright i guess... but the humour wasn't all that great, and i lost interest really quickly

well, I pretty much dislike this movie.....

I dislike the graphics, you certainly could've made it better, and I could even think that wasn't made in flash, since flash can make better things, also, it's boring, long, and that song gets boring and boring! personally I dislike this entry, sorry dude, I know it took you hard work but, you made it with screenshots....I guess....