Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

Great parody of cop drama chows in general.

This movie had the feel of an action comedy but it was more comedy than anything.

The funniest submission i seen all day.

Good work i give this two thumbs up!


omg, that movie rulz, the clocks on their face R real time! so fkn cool!

make a fkn serie of this!!!!!1!!!!11111one!!!111!

OGMF, this ruled!

Please, my good man, make a series out of this! That would be swell.

Fuck my ass

I was wondering when I got to vote 10 overall ^^.
This is a awesome piece of work.
I love you StrangeClock!

StrangeClock responds:

And I love you. Because I've learned that platonic love *can* exist between two grown men.



aw man that was great. joo gots to make sum mor of dis shizzle heer... WooT for 21 jump street! I especially loved the shot of the bottom of the police car and the license plate sez WTF!! I cracked up like no other right there!