Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

just too bad nobody knows how you make these

Here we go again... another clock movie... The annoying voices, with the annoying clock-characters. You just take them of some site, motion tween them... and let them say the most dumbest things they could say.
The only thing I mostly like in cockcrew movies are the backgrounds though... Good use of shades. But there it ends...
Conslusion: kiddy-movie
(I'm from Belgium so if I wrote errors, don't whine about it)

StrangeClock responds:

I'll make this brief: fuck you.

Holy Mother of B!

That was the hotness, Strange!

Totally Awesome, I loved every second of your latest movie. You add a special blend of humor and sexyness to every new movie you craft.


StrangeClock responds:

Much <3 to you!


Holly crap, that owned!

You are the man!
keep up the great work! I hope to see more of this... so make it a series!

That was great

that was awsome, man! keep it up!

Very nice job

That was a great looking animation. It was very smoothly animated and the cut scenes looked awsome. Keep up the great work.