Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

"no offense.. but fuck you"

im voting 5 just for that line, i havent even finished the movie yet


that was some kewl sh!t !_!

You should really turn this into a series.

...and use that " go west " song at the end of ém


Fuk you in the pooper haha thats fun :P :D


A clock movie getting a 5 from me. That's never happened. Even CC the Fall only got 4. Tom Fulp had better put this at the top of the CC movies collection ABOVE Blam Another Day. I mean, this was just very well put together. And the only thing I hate more than %95 of CC is that fucking Pube Muppet!!!

All in all, this is the best Clock movie I've ever seen. So, StrangeClock, PLEASE keep up the good work!!


StrangeClock responds:

Thank you