Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"


To all you n00bs and knobs out there STFU please. If you think this blows and you can make a better flash then put your money where your mouth is! Clock crew is here and get used to it. This was a great flash nuff said and once again I can see that Strange clock has slipped his time scripted into the flash again Well done man. Well done! As for the voices, that's the clock's voice. So please STFU. I'm sick of seeing people crying about how they hate the voices. I hate Foamys voice but you don't see me posting "Changes his name or I will blam it" or what ever you people post. To the old school crew keep it up guys you guys are 1337!


This movies is so good. It makes me believe in the clock crew again. I'm really glad that furry ear faggot clock and devil assfelch clock and blah blah blah new clocks, were not present in this movie.

Gotta love the classics

i give this movie a very grand B!!!

Great Stuuff

Great Graffix, great sound, great style! Everything great although the humor wasnt very funny until they do the raid. I liked the way how u gave more detail to the Puube Muppet compared to the reguular crappy one. WHo new a German Pube Muppet! Lol


Dude that was hilarious. That was the best clock flash I've seen. Great job.

Great work

The choice in music was fucking awesome, as were the jokes and the story.
I can't wait for more