Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

blackberry speaks the truth! 5!

that was fucking amazing! very very very funne@1 your art and animation was the best i've seen in a long time! you are the best!1 HaIL StrangeClock Savior of teh CC!!11 lol penis. ^_^ <3

StrangeClock responds:



Friggin' amazing

You've surpassed any expectations I had. This was an amazing and very entertaining piece of Flash. Wow, I feel like a star. Strange, you really are the best.

StrangeClock responds:

You *are* a star, darling! Now go out there, and... work those gams.


8/10: great!

I'm not into clock movies, but this one was nicely done. The animation and graphics were smooth with a nice color palette. I google over all those delicous colors! The violence and action were top notch, but humor didn't appeal to me. That's because I'm hard to impress in the humor department. The music choice fits perfectly with the animation and I found your selection of clock characters wierd or the characters themself wierd. What was up with the kermit the frog head?
Anyway it wasn't one of those badly done clock crew animations that have drug the clock crew's name and reputation through the mud. It was another nice entry in the oddly fragmented series and would like to see more from you, but try to make it on a better spoof then 21 Jump Street show that you were doing...I don't think I've ever heard of it?
4/5 r

StrangeClock responds:

Nah, 21 Jump Street was just a cheesy 80s version of, I don't know, Beverly Hills 90210, with guns. Making a violent cop show is much more fun.

The Kermit head is Pube Muppit, a character which if you haven't heard of him yet, you'll probably hear from soon. There's always someone cranking out Pube Muppit movies like there's no tomorrow.

What kind of piece of sheist flash is this?

Hehe just kidding. Nice and very funny movie and Pube's accent was outstanding :)

Good work StrangeClock, but I guess I expected nothing less.

Everyone Loves Strawberry Clock

The Clock Crew is Great. The Clock Crew is Law. Respect the Clocks. This movie alone proves what I say. YOU love the Clock Crew.