Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

Pretty frickin' great.

Good job, my man. I don't think I've seen you aroung before, but you're one Hell of a Flash animator. Keep up the fantastic work.


i liked how you had the clocks ticking throughout the movie, that was pretty cool.


You must have very good TV knolege, as it started out just like a tv program with the credits and everything...And the opening, PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE MAKING MORE...I will vote 5 everyday on this...You rule

StrangeClock responds:

I really can't promise I'll do a sequel yet. I don't like the idea that most of the reviews would just be telling me how it measured up to the first one. But if I get a good enough idea, who knows.

hahaaha awsome

That was great, loved the plot, music, etc. I really liked the death animations when Pube muppet's henchman were shot. Plus I couldn't stop laughing after I saw the french pube muppet. Great job dude!

great movie

One minute of watching and me voting 5.
Great use of the clocks voices ("STTRRRRAAAWWBERRRRYYY" or "This time it´s personal") plus good use of running gags("can i drive?").
But how did i knew that pubemuppet would be in...