Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"


Yay! twas gr8! make some more or die! *runs away


nothing interesting! sorry!

I'm not too familar with the Clocks

...but i don't need to know you to give it the rate i think it deserves.
The animation is smooth, the visuals are good, the jokes are decent+ and... the clocks display the right time !?
Great submission !


Your movies give me hope that the CC
are still good.
The animation was great..the voices were too..
I loved the shootup scene with the clock gore.
I think you captured the humour of SBC very well.
"I'll go shoot some homless"
Keep going & I'll keep liking your movies.
nearly makes me want to be a clock.


Finally, a GOOD clock movie. If you have the chance, tell Blue Cherry clock and Cannabis clock that their shit sucks.

I'm also sick of all of the wannabe clocks I've never heard of who come up with gay ass abstract clock movies done in black and white. You know what I'm talking about, the ones always featuring furry clocks and are family friendly. Like that one made in an attempt to keep the CC site up. Man that was gay. FUCKING GAY.

Um yeah... er.... oh..... anyway, I loved how your movie made fun of shitty 80s cop TV shows. And I give you a 10 for sticking to the original CC cast instead of throwing in some god damn random clocks. Or that gay ass chocobo clock someone created. GAH!