Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

I admit to never having seen "21 Jump Street". I did however watch the movies based on it. There were hilarious! Some of the funniest I've ever seen! It was just so much to see Pube Muppet like this. He's in those formulaic flashes too often. Then again, that is his character.

He's not even a Clock or anything. SBC was quite funny in this. Hard to expect less from such a cool clock. The later version is better though. It's longer.

Amazing, just amazing! and these are the reasons.

1. It's Clocks.
I'm a clock, so how could I say no to this?

2. It's well built.
If there is one Clocktoon that can stand the test of time, it's this.

3. We see clocks kill each other. with guns.
Pretty obvious reason.



Strange, You are a good Senator
I like it
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No disrespect to you chief, but fuck you.


Perfectly Clock!

Great Sound, Great Music, Very good art and animation. Funny story.
Perfect Clock characters.
What really made it was the simple gag of watching the bullets go through the gaps in the shape of "you".
Loved the voices. Thanks for subtitles. Good, proper credits and YES you are the Best!