Reviews for "Tier"

lmao good flash

ye "tier" is means animal lol but its a good flash anyways^^

poxpower responds:

In english it means "a third". And that's because this movie has nothing to do with the number 3.

meh... could be better

sorry man, but when i think of a music video this is not my style. for me every movement has to be synced with ALL the major beats. at the bare minimum. I love Tier, its one of my favourite songs. but man this video looked like it barely fit the song! Make it better with syncing and then i'll give you praise, but until then i simply cant give this a good review.

poxpower responds:

Wouldn't it be funny if I actually made the entire movie again so you could come and give me a higher score in a review?
Yes it would.

That was fucking awesome!

You are an amazing artist, and you have excellent taste in music.
Keep up the good work.
~Lady Faith ^_^

Lots of work in that one.

Whoa, this is a really good flash you can say.
Although it's too bloody loaded and the sync screws up even on low quality, what lessens the total quality of the flash, but fuck it, Rammstein rules.

The drawings are great, I really liked the mad scientist idea and the robots (Industrial Metal, literally), you could get a better soundtrack though, and I think dividing the clip into smaller, lighter parts and use that "get flash" option in order to make the whole thing less stuck.

Good job overall. :)


Man This is the best art work i have ever had the pleasure of seeing just simply....Wow Great work man.