Reviews for "Tier"

great stuff

Very good stuff. How come you have never won daily feature before? Doesnt that bother you? You really deserve it


That's one sick flash! If there were a video to go along with Tier, this would be it! I like how this music video tells a story. The animation was quite innovative as well.


rammstien's the best german band ever first of all. excelent graphics nice and smooth. i luv these kind of movies you dotn know what the hells goin on then they explain to you just by showing you stuff without talkn or anything. but you could of increased the sound quality or somethin. thas y i give u nine.. still kik ass!

I don't really know how this got above a three...

But I don't like it. All it shows is some guy making bullets and a bunch of mechs walking around. Seriously; it's just the same thing looped OVER and OVER again, pretty much. Half the scenes were just repeated things. The only good things about this was the music and the graphics, even though the scenes were repeated. A lot.

very nice

that song rocked and the animated was good. And i can understand that it wasnt ment to be action packed or funny. Realy nice!!! 5/5 =<)