Reviews for "Tier"

Ausgezeichnete Animation.

Sie mischten die unterschiedlichen Arten der kunst zusammen und verursachten ein "Fest für das Auge." Die musik war eine feine wahl für den FLASH. Jedoch, dort mehr zum leben als Rammstein. Mein pferd ist für frietos, und Canada geruche des flamingos, sie ungerade gläser einsam.


Great job, love the lighting effects and the solid colors that really worked well with the lighting, and good sounding music to really reflect well with the animation, overall this was a neat flash with an artistic feel based on the colors and effects, so nice work indeed, hope to see more of your work soon...


Great movie, great song.

Nothing in common, of course, but I think it still fit quite nicely and I think this is one of the three best Rammstein movies on Newgrounds.

Rammstein song Tier is not about an animal!

Been reading the reviews and laughing about the misunderstanding of the song and the word Tier (animal, beast).
The song is about humans who are behaving like animals. Like fathers who have incest with their daughters. Do their wifes and daughters still see them as human beings or as animals.

"What are you doing? What are you thinking? What are you? Nothing but an animal!"

What have the animation and the song in common? Nothing but I liked it anyway. The animation and song just go together well but have absolutely nothing in common. Perhaps maybe I see a bit of discrimination towards germans? The world war! A bullet making factory, marching robots! Maybe I got it all wrong there and are sensitive about germans and the world war. Wish that war never happened! It gives germans a bad name they do not deserve!!!

Love and peace,

The Netherlands


I have always loved this song. The only thing that bothers me is that the meaning of the song (Tier means animal), and the video dont exactly mesh. But on the other hand, the music fits perfectly into your animation, so props to you.