Reviews for "Tier"

A thing of industrial beauty...

I love Rammstein and NIN. You captured the feel of the genre almost flawlessly. You should really dabble a bit in comic books, that overseer guy looked like he was straight out of a comic.

Incredible, a thing of beaty.

poxpower responds:

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dude that was kick ass

poxpower responds:

yeah. I reckon it was. Oh I was just thinking about the first time I ate a donut. You're probably talking about this "Tier" movie deal thingy. Whatever.

You gots skillz

I'd have to say thats the best flash I have ever scene. Great timing with the music, great style of animation, and awesome song. The German machine strikes again ;D

poxpower responds:

you might want to look around NG now. O.o Like the top50. Or my favourite Flashes, because I have the best tastes of all, seing as I am me, and therefore flawless.


man i had a feeling when i was looking at this link on the front page i had a feeling it was Rammstein. How idd i know ? ahahahah but sierously.i know my rammstein pretty good.but i havent heard this song before. Where did u steal or find this from. good job. Any music video with Rammstein is fucking awsome. make more. nice job.

poxpower responds:

Haha. Another person's day was made by me I guess :) Goo djawbe


THthe music fit perfectly and everything rocked

poxpower responds:

sdfsdfsdfsd thanks thagadfgadfga