Reviews for "Tier"

This is damn good.

Tier would have to be one of my favorite animations on this site. Although the actual animation itself isn't top-notch, you have definitely made up for this with direction and style (I love the color selection). The choice of music works perfectly with the subject matter, and overall, I think this Flash is superb.

Great work pox.

Damn I love this thing.

Rammstein kicks ass, robots kick ass, Rammstein+Robots= Best flash of all time. Yeah this is my favorite flash. Damn...So awesome.

Rammstein RULEZ!!!

Good video. Just good. Rammstein is my favorite band, and I like this song - "Tier" ("Beast"), can be watched.
9/10 My choice.
P.S. If I could - I will put for a Sound 100/10! 8)


that was good ,oh well some people dont under stand this music video


but the art kick massive amounts of dick