Reviews for "Tier"

you rule poxpower!!!

this flash was fucking awesome!!!!
all of your work are awesome!!!
the music realy fit into this flash!!
great work!

really good

im a a fan of rammstein TIER rules man make more flashes of rammstein or kmfdm songs =)


great music and a flash to go with it(btw if some1 named yogurtdude1 insulted me i wouldnt even give a flamming shit)

Really good, but...

You know... I don't know what to think of this, but.. I already saw this precise flash in Mindistrotion's site. And yes, it is exactly the same down to the last bit.

He didn't post it here on NG, but that makes me think. If this is a plaguiarism case... then who did it?

poxpower responds:

look tard, he EMAILED ME so he could showcase it on HIS SITE and he even said it was done by ME and linked to stuff by me O.o
poxpower did it. Apparently that's me.


Dude, that was frieakin' cool. That is one of Rammstein's best songs, in my opinion anyhoo. And the Brute style art just fit so weel. Keep up the good work and give us more.