Reviews for "Tier"

Extreamly Badass

Rammstein kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^ GO RAMMSTEIN!!!!!! Ignore everyone else there just idiots. You should be number 1 in the portal ^.^


I like ur style, the head of that guy is very neat, i couldn't do better.
But the music gets only 7 points coz it has nothing to do with the animation.

Big ups on the rammstein

Good job and everything seemed to be in good sync, Im not a big critque but good job over all

good style and substance, but lacks and ending.

The style was good, the song fit (aside from the lyrics, which are about child molestion and rape), but it seemed incomplete; yeah theres a huge army of robots, but what do they do? Maybe you'll be nice enough to show us a huge war between them and the "good guys" in a possible sequel?

great animation

although it has nothing to do with the song. It was bulging at the seams with style, and the colour selection was awesome. I love Rammstein!