Reviews for "Tier"

Nice mechanical effects.

You really gave the flash a mechanized feel throughout the entire thing, and that really adds more depth to it and makes it far easier to watch. The music you picked wasn't bad at all either. Your own unique style helps to enhance the flash also. And the contrast against the mechanized feel with the supposed "good guys" also makes it more the better. Keep up the good work, this was one of the best I've seen.

Haahahaha... the heros are fucked !!!!!!!!!!!!

awsome you should follow up with another song from rammstein and a battle with the robots.

If not oh well tight flash dude.

Rammstein RULES!

Great music video for a great song. Nice work, PoxPower.

Good stuff

This is good stuff here..keep it up..and to the moron of the last reveiw..OMFG you are stupid..bad animation?????? thats great for what he had to work with..i'd love to see you try something like that.

I loved it....

I really liked this movie, so much that i had to go and buy alotof Rammsteids albums, keep this kind of thing going, it really fitted in with the music.