Reviews for "We Believe Ep.3 - F-777"

My favorite part of the megamix is that it can be heard as an individual song, which is awesome, but when you put all of them together. . . .


That's what i call dance!

Not like all that horrible shit in the radio...

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All your songs are really, really good !

You did it again!

This is truly amazing, and one of my favourites from the whole series. Amazing job, it sounds fantastic.

I noticed a lot more alternate melodies in this song from your other We Believe songs, and each one is just so catchy. The one playing at the beginning was the best, and I liked the one at 2:05 a lot too. Really nice-sounding unique instruments too, and there was a lot of variety in the instrument choice. The choir-voices-ish instrument towards the end were just awesome. As usual, mind-boggling sound effects.

The song's transitions were great, for example the one at around 1:20, where it built up to a more action-packed melody. Speaking of buildups, they were perfect. Instruments were introduced really well, too, like the one at around 2:02. This also has a great and varied song structure as well, and I never got bored listening to it. Great intro, and it was cool how it built up. The ending was fine, but it was just slightly too abrupt.

The drums sound just as good as in all your other We Believe songs, in other words; excellent. Their variety is out of this world too, and they switched from beat to another very smoothly. Awesome samples too.

I keep saying the same thing on every one of your We Believe songs: This song is so amazing. I'm honestly getting tired of saying it O_o. Oh well, it's a true statement anyway, so: This song is so amazing! Keep it up!

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nice bad azz song

i like it alot

20 out of 10

The end of this song is freaking amazing.