Reviews for "We Believe Ep.3 - F-777"

Great song!

This intro is a lot different than the other episodes, but I like it a lot =P

Another great song, keep it up!

F-777 responds:

Thanks =). Lots of people have commented on msn that it seems like a whole new song, but im glad of that it means its got variety =).


; D

Like all your other work, this song kicks ass. I definitely like this song a lot. So when's Ep.4 coming out? :P

F-777 responds:

Thanks man =).

Ep.4 will be a little while cause this time i will work like crazy on the switches from Ep.4 to Ep.5 which will mean i have to make some of Ep.5 before i can end Ep.4.

It will be coming though =).

Thanks for the review and the 10!!!

This is one of your best!

Yeah! One of the best in the series! They are all good, and they are all with defferent styles. But this is my favorite in the we believe series! Keep it up :D And yay! I'm the 4th who download this song. I give you 5/5 and 10/10 + download and favorited it!

F-777 responds:

W00h00 thanks man!!!

Bloody awesome =)

Once again i am speechless at this masterpiece of yours, pleace never stop doing this!!! I cant believe im actually going to be on the same EP as YOU. BONER!!! xDDD

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Fav and dl!!! =DDD

Amazing piece of art, nice...

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

F-777 responds:

Thanks man =D!
Im glad you like it!