Reviews for "We Believe Ep.3 - F-777"


No comment necassary, jesse. =P

F-777 responds:

Thanks for the 10 =).


I think this is your best song yet! It is.... well its so good i don't think there are words to describe it! Simply amazing. Yoiu are very talented and should be poud of this song.

Hah you did it again man.

A very good mix of beats and sensations, really made my hair stand on end when i listened to this for the first time. Heh, all i can say is: Great job! This will prolly be used at the start of a flash movie, it just feels and sounds very entertaining.

This is a very good piece man, i hope to hear more! :)

Still around

Expect reviews after the new year! Too busy right now. But I gotta say, this is sounding great as always :D


I like and it was unexpected to many people today and so it is the third of the We Believe Music Series and so how many will you create before the New Year?( your own guess is just the only answer to the animation of all the three animated CD covers of yours into a great song like the Heavenly Tears cover is falling and the Before Mydnite is telling the time before the New Years and the dance cover is competed by the time that reach 12:00 and the stars shines right before the out door Mayhem of the people started by the music of the We Believe and they start dancing right before the the great open sky of the night of Twilight of New Years!