Reviews for "We Believe Ep.3 - F-777"



Lovew this man!!
Just as the rest of your works. The bass is really good..
The melody is cool.. To much filtering and flanging tho.. But that is no problem for me. I Can hear a technique of yours
Lots of people use the same chord progression the whole song through. U dont. U make everything u use in ur Climax chords In monotone chords..
Which makes me feelmgood.. Someone who gives a fuck about repetetivness..
It is really cool! love the change of beat too... I love 4/3d beats man! The lead is a bit to high at some parts... But that could be me too.. But i guess putting it one octave lower wont help too... How many patterns did u use man?! I( hear loads of stuff in here..


Like that bass!!
Really different type of music then the other 2 episodes! But still fits the rest..



F-777 responds:

Woah thanks for the AWESOME review!!!
Only about 110 patterns but it does sound busy haha =).

Thanks again man!

Oh yeah XD

This.......is........AMAZING =D

Great work yet again Jesse I guess you never disappoint =]

F-777 responds:

Oh i have dissapointed haha but im glad i have impressed you with this =).
Thanks so much for the review!


is fantastic!! this song have.... a magic.... thing! XDD awesome job men! ;) you did it again another awesome song! Xd i'm waiting for the Episode 4 :P

6/5 11/10 sorry if i couldn't give you more men :/ well! hi! XD Att: Ernestogod

F-777 responds:

Haha thanks so much!!!

nice man

XD I was playin cod 5 sorry I didnt respond on msn. Im too lazy to play all 3 in a row to see how well they transition. But the first 2 were good, and this ones no exception. How many episodes are there gonna be? Anyways fived it, good work///

F-777 responds:

Haha thanks man =).
There should be 7 episodes i think =).

Thanks again man!

Yet another Valentine masterpiece

Extremely different from your other works it seems, but a masterpiece nonetheless. Just the kind of quality I'd expect from you Jesse! - Keep up the great work!

F-777 responds:

Your awesome =D!!
Thanks so much!