Reviews for "We Believe Ep.3 - F-777"

Most interesting.

Please don't label me as a villain for my opinion. I've always been a fan of your work; and I still am!, for a long time. This song had a nice sound but It doesn't really work for me. Don't be mistaken, everyone's different. Many others will love this version, I just hope I didn't put you down. And if I did I'm sorry! Maybe in time It'll grow on me, I really hope so. ^_^

F-777 responds:

Thanks for the honesty!
Haha am i supposed to get mad that i got an 8/10?
Thanks so much for your review i really appreciate
your true oppinion =).

love it love it love it!

its the perfect end to the other two. unless youre going to mak more, in which case you should keep going.
i loved the continuity between the three, though they were different enough to make them all individual.
absolutely beutiful.
and by far the better of the three. i like the darker sound. can you make more like it?

F-777 responds:

Im going to make more =D.
Thanks so much for the awesome review!!!.
(I might make another dark one in the series later)


OMFG D00D!! That was the SICKEST shit EVER!!! I absolutely love the main lead, and the other saw lead. The melodies are also amazing. It's great that you always switch it up. I'm actually going to do a Dance song like yours where I'm always switching up the melody and stuff. I've got a good melody for it as well. Great job dude, you've inspired me!


F-777 responds:

Thanks so much man!!!
I...inspired you? =O...

Oh man you tottaly made my day =D!!

good job

You just surpassed yourself. Omfg, I don't know what to say... I love this one. I like the way it's dark. Lol all the synths... It's just so awesome :D

5/5, 10/10, favourited.


F-777 responds:

Woah...thanks =O...epic review =D!!!


More beat reliant and less tune oriented than I'm used to with your stuff, though it does go into a tune more later on.
Bass is incredible, maybe too much so? Would do really well for a club or other large area.
Love the chorus near the end.
Strong electrosynths, they give it part of that intensity. Interesting mix of sharp 'jabby', thin highs with long extended low freqs.
Personally, I think the song really picks up from the second minute on.
Absolutely astounded with the bass near the end, too.
Not really the sort of sound I expected, very dark and heavy like you say, but still really good. Am I right in guessing this is to give the megamix some variety, seeing as the first one was lighter? I actually haven't seen the second yet, so I guess I'll go look at it now.

F-777 responds:

Yes the first 1 was quite light and the second 1 was a bit heavier but it was really happy so with this one i went even HEAVIER but with a dark feel =). Next one i will go lighter again so i can keep the "We Believe" feel but yes this was for variety =).

And i overloaded on the bass haha i worked quite hard on that =).

Thanks for the review!!!