Reviews for "We Believe Ep.3 - F-777"


can't wait for the other four to come out, I'm going to combine them and use them as the bonus levels in a game that I am making


OMG EPISODE 33333!!!!!! *runs arround madly*
ok now to really listen to tis shit!
i like the bass.... and it really has some variety... you never get bored!
at 1:50 or so i heard some beats getting a little off with the tune..... if that was intentionally done then i didn't say annything >.>..........now that i listen to it twice it actually goes good with it heh ^^;
but overal i still love how you make you're melody
at 2:40 was my fav. peace when it kicked in... lovely ending!


I love bass


ur great man! this one was the best one in the megamix i think but the 2 others were great to! =D I wish I was as good at making music as u =, / ;) =) looking forward to hear ur future songs! :D

vote: 5/5
rate:10/10 =)


This piece is the best and got the most feel out of it. I enjoyed this one and thought it was a very sweet MEGAMIX. I like to give you my verdict on this one. As all of your songs are the best. Keep up the awsome work and can't waitr for your releases in the near future!



F-777 responds:

Wow thanks so much man!!! =D!!