Reviews for "We Believe Ep.3 - F-777"

This is one of your best!

Yeah! One of the best in the series! They are all good, and they are all with defferent styles. But this is my favorite in the we believe series! Keep it up :D And yay! I'm the 4th who download this song. I give you 5/5 and 10/10 + download and favorited it!

F-777 responds:

W00h00 thanks man!!!


is fantastic!! this song have.... a magic.... thing! XDD awesome job men! ;) you did it again another awesome song! Xd i'm waiting for the Episode 4 :P

6/5 11/10 sorry if i couldn't give you more men :/ well! hi! XD Att: Ernestogod

F-777 responds:

Haha thanks so much!!!


can't wait for the other four to come out, I'm going to combine them and use them as the bonus levels in a game that I am making

pretty awesome!

gosh this is awesome man. I'm picky when it comes to techno and dance, this song has everything it should have though.. 10/10, 5/5.. and download ;)

My favorite part of the megamix is that it can be heard as an individual song, which is awesome, but when you put all of them together. . . .