Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"

i loved it

i am drawing right now and this song is helping me alot thankx

very cool.

its cool how someone can take a video game song and turn into what seems like a symphony while still retaining the resemblance. good job

Pretty Freaking AWESOME!!

Although I prefer the original, This is Amazing and I don't think I could ever hope to make something this good. I like that you added some improv in some parts, mostly :50-53, but some of the accompanyments were too loud, but it wasn't in any major parts, and at :15-16 I might be mistaken but you were like, an octave too high, but in this remix, it sounds more like a touch of originality, like the improv I had mentioned; Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go play Wind Waker.

i like it alot

pretty nice sweet rhythm, very strong, the bells was a nice touch
adding the flute was pretty, it sounds like if you where on a village or something, like if you where a little kid getting out for finding adventures
also is loops nice, good job


Excellent job man! This is a unique and catchy cover to The Legend of Zelda. Great job!