Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"


The atmosphere in this song is quite cheerful and that is why...i'll give you a 10.
This music sound like Sims background song.

Yay for Zelda.

It's a nice piece, but i'd advise that you look into your levels when mixing it, it seems a little unbalanced and overpowered. There's some good stuff in there that's drowned out.


this ticks me.no offense but it sounds like some weird g@yness to me :x
otherwise,pretty good

Just Great!!

But I think the volume of each voice could be better adjusted, at least to my ears


I'm not familiar with the Legend of Zelda games, so I have no frame of reference to compare this to. The song has a medium speed tempo and is quite reposeful. It's very enjoyable, and I especially appreciated the sound of the string instrument.