Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"

Made my day!!

This is such a great piece, and you recreated it very well, love the guitar, great style, haha. Not much else I can say. I'm confused about :18 though. Did you mean to write it that way? It seems really out of place if you did, just my opinion. But it doesn't ruin the piece!!


I'd love to hear this in a WW sequel. <3

I consider it great when someone can change tid-bits in a song and make it their own without losing the original feel. Awesome work!


Suprizingly enough it sounds better than the original! The strings really sing the acompliment, the woodwind are really nice and smoth and the bells ring althroughout the piece.Stuning!

P.S. a few of the notes are off but stil good

Perfect !

Just perfect remix of this theme !

Great job !


youve done this realy well it feels like theres actualy an ochestra in front of me well done 10/10 =)