Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"


Good freakin job man.
You amaze me.
This is a great remix of an old favorite!
thats why...



The beginning of LoZWW was pretty childish, but if Link ever grew up in the game, I'm pretty sure the theme would be changed to something like this ^-^

Quite nice! But maybe one or two things.

this is very very well instrumented. But there are a couple minor things. The balance is quite off. I think that the strings are way overpowering, and the couple synthesized parts could do with being turned down as well. And there were a couple things with the strings (the half notes at around 0:10 sounded off, as well as the ones at 0:18). I think it might be whatever the second note from the top is, but I'm not 100% positive on that. Besides that, this is AMAZING!

Really Good!

I love how this remix is very ambient comparied to the Wind Waker version. The WW verion is more of a folksong. Both are very good becasue the Wind Waker type music can be adapted into many styles, and Im glad you made it sound like this! But it is very short. I think you can make it longer. Hope to see more of your work, good job.


Amazing remix of an old favorite of mine