Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"


The atmosphere in this song is quite cheerful and that is why...i'll give you a 10.
This music sound like Sims background song.

very cool.

its cool how someone can take a video game song and turn into what seems like a symphony while still retaining the resemblance. good job


Incredible! brings back memories :D

good job

(: (: incredible

nice it brings back memories and you remade it a little...................perfect

I want to play WindWaker, now.

This would be the perfect music for a warm sunny day. I can feel summer approaching now.
Maybe it's not exactly here right now, but I know it will be.
I see, feel, and smell the ocean as my family and I are creating memories once again.
No matter how much I try to think of bad things, they never succeed to enter my mind.

That's how good this is. It's wonderful, good job.