Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"


i used to hum to this song alot when i had wind waker. it's just a nice song overall. keep up the good work.


Great job on this mix, sounds good enough to replace the original.


I loved zelda the windwaker and this is a great remix

very nice

You did this one justice now just do the songs of the sages then I will give you a more epic review than this one.-Cryptomaniac2204

Ah Finally! I have but one request for you...

Thank you so much for making a good WindWaker cover, I've been looking for someone who could do this game's music some justice. I have one question, can you remake the song of that harp thing with that bird-girl? That was one of my favorite songs in the whole game. Thx if you do
p.s. message me if you make one or plan on it.
---The Fair Reviewer---