Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"

I don't really like the clicking sound, but the rest of it was really nice.

I want to play WindWaker, now.

This would be the perfect music for a warm sunny day. I can feel summer approaching now.
Maybe it's not exactly here right now, but I know it will be.
I see, feel, and smell the ocean as my family and I are creating memories once again.
No matter how much I try to think of bad things, they never succeed to enter my mind.

That's how good this is. It's wonderful, good job.

sounds like the real one!

It's great, it makes me remeber the good times... vey well orchestred, and... I don't know what to say, I just sawing right now the great sea in my mind!

This is one of the bests works that i never seen, congratulations and thanks for do it.

(: (: incredible

nice it brings back memories and you remade it a little...................perfect


sounds like an epic credits remix >_>. or when there is a particularly happy time. like Links next birthday. or when he is grown up maybe. but still. love it. makes me have chills.