Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

Absolutly Beautiful

Your movie has displayed my own continuous, neverending thoughts. As I watched it, I felt as if you had delved into my mind to express what I could not. Showing infinity, the greatest, and at times, the worst thing ever sought to comprehend. The vast amount that we do not know is overwhelming, and dangerous to think about at times. A beautiful flash, you are definatly the kind of thoughtful person I could have endless conversations with, and would enjoy doing so. Wonderful work.

Gusto responds:

"The vast amount that we do not know is overwhelming, and dangerous to think about at times."

Well said, dangerous as it can be far beyond our reach of understanding which we do not like to accept.

Thank you dearly for the respectful review.

I'd love to converse about this matter.

You can post on the board at my website (which is under development) or If you have msn - im at : rob3rt_@hotmail.com

Thanks :D

Awesome, it made me think

The audio was a fantastic choice in this movie, the message you delivered and the way you went about delivering it was just awesome. It really made me think. Great use of classic art, space, and dimensional grids to get the point across. The movie packs a great message and delivers strong; perfect score 5/5. Great job.

Gusto responds:

Wow, brilliant, thanks so much :D


Good Stuff

great... BUt what song is this

Gusto responds:

Ron van den Beuken - Timeless


This is art

Avante garde, not quite unlike the work of phantasmagora or Oz Thomas. Very well done, perfectly unbiased towards philosophy and religion. This can seem extremely personal, but again it is obviously untainted by your own ideology. It is, for the lack of a better word, subtle in its means of appealing to no one group or concept. Anyone can apply what you discuss through any lense he or she calls their "faith."
Brilliant, I tip my hat to you. Wonderful rhetoric.

Gusto responds:

Pleased you found it unbiased. A very complimentary review.

Many thanks to you kind sir, reviews like this make it worthwhile :)


I can answer all those questions........just kiddin. But based on my religion I have a pretty good guess of what is out there.And how everything was made.

Gusto responds:

Im a non-beleiver so I cannot relate to you, and to add to that, im a pessimist! Which makes my future very bleak ;p