Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


i loved it this was really intresting and creative i like you keep up the good work oh and like wolfeyes said i loved the pictures

Gusto responds:

Thank you very much :)

Glad you found it interesting.


You are actually getting out an idea, not just a bunch of innane dialogue with no purpose. It was innovative, with good music and great style. I would like to see more! I agree with the last guy, that music was amazing.

Gusto responds:

I was looking for an approriate song for this movie, and when I heard this one, I knew it would be perfect! I actually used a different one prior to this.

Thank you very much, I feel very complimented! :)

This is art

Avante garde, not quite unlike the work of phantasmagora or Oz Thomas. Very well done, perfectly unbiased towards philosophy and religion. This can seem extremely personal, but again it is obviously untainted by your own ideology. It is, for the lack of a better word, subtle in its means of appealing to no one group or concept. Anyone can apply what you discuss through any lense he or she calls their "faith."
Brilliant, I tip my hat to you. Wonderful rhetoric.

Gusto responds:

Pleased you found it unbiased. A very complimentary review.

Many thanks to you kind sir, reviews like this make it worthwhile :)


Hey, I liked it... every now and then someone tries to do something like this, I think the music really kept me into it, and I like how you presented the movie... you don't make it out like you're better than anyone else, or your ideas are novel, you simply ask questions, which lead to more questions - exactly how the human mind works. Your statements weren't bad either, like I said - the music helped - but I can't say I disagreed with anything in that film, so sorry if you were looking for constuctive criticism... overall I'd say you were on the right track!

Gusto responds:

Hey! you're the first person who mentioned (in the email anyway ;P) the Salvador Dali picture I included! I was kind of suprised that no one else did because Dali is simply speaking.. awesome!

thanks for the compliments on my work, and for noticing the things no one else did! :)


It's very wonderfully made. Now where did i see that melting clock picture before??

Gusto responds:

thank you, it's quite a famous painting by Salvador Dali.