Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


that is so freakin crazy and awesome!

i hate purugly, it's a pain to beat.


sonicmega responds:

Sometimes I wonder if, after beating Purugly, my Pokemon LOSE experience from having to lay eyes on that beast.

Thanks for your vote!

Man, that should be used by the company

I really think this is official proffesional quality materiel and that you really should send this to the company that makes the show and make a mean buck. i mean it.

sonicmega responds:

Due to the constant pestering of my friends, I already sent a copy of the MP3 to Nintendo Power, etc. However, I don't actually expect anything to come of this, since they probably have planned the official Sinnoh Rap for MONTHS now.

Thanks for your support!

Nice Job!

Nice job making this. Did you write the lyrics or was this stolen? Most likely not. Anyway, good job. I'm a HUGE fan of Nintendo. I may use this someday. You should make annother one of this with all 493 Pokemon.

sonicmega responds:

The lyrics were a collaboration between myself and a good friend from Newgrounds on MSN, so no they were not stolen. As for the 493 Pokemon, I've been asked that a LOT, but unfortunately it wouldn't be original enough to be executed. Plus, I don't think Newgrounds wants another Pokerap for a long... long time.

In any case, thanks for your vote and support!


I love this!
Great job! :)
Why this have low score? :(

sonicmega responds:

Thank you!
Thank you again!
Because people can be biased!


How did this go from #1 to a 2.6 rating? I love the sound because it sounds humorous, not because I'm into Pokemon. Nice work, I still love it. 5/5

sonicmega responds:

Because people decreased the score that much? In any case, thanks for the support! :D