Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


This pokemon rap was the best one i've ever heard! It's heard to sing a long though.

sonicmega responds:

If you want, I have a slower version that might be easier for you. Just drop me a PM here on Newgrounds and I'll be happy to hook you up with it!


number one on the front page. it earns its spot quite well. good job.

sonicmega responds:

Thanks a lot! It's only because of the support of the Newgrounds public that it got here. I'm just surprised how quickly that turned around...

Nicely made!

I cant tapping my feet! You must have put a lot of effort into this so I am giving you my vote!

sonicmega responds:

I'm glad you found it so physically moving! Now just get your whole body into it, and watch those pounds fly off!

Im impressed!!

There are many people just being retarded and reviewing this song with out even thinking about it. This obviosly took a great amount of effort, to get every pokemon in the rap and keeping it rhyming. Also you were able to get them somewhat close to the beat. With the amount of pokemon and the odd names it is extremely difficult to get the rhyming and beat close. I appluad your effort. And the song is not as bad as many people say its actually pretty good. People who hate pokemon shouldn't review the rap or should at least have an open mind when they review. Overall it seems you gave a tremendous effort and the rap turned good.

sonicmega responds:

I'm glad you appreciated the effort that went into this, because while I wish not to see compliments for it, there WAS quite a bit of work involved in throwing this all together.

Also, I just happened to notice your name... are you from Michigan by any chance? ;D

Thanks for the support!

not bad but i don't really understand a word of this pokerap.
now please do a sun/moon pokerap