Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"

ok, ill wright a real one....

Ok first off, your rapping is a thing that anything can do, and you rap in anything BUT the rythm of the song, when people listen to this song, im sorry but i just cant see the people who thinks ''wow this guy is the new eminem!'' i just wondered how this made the best track EVER on NG, because it is not really that good, dont take this the wrong way, im just trying to say that this is not all that good, a tip is to not TRY to scream when you rap, it sounds like your trying to play ''ghetto'' while you rap the pokerap, now i thought pokemon was pretty cool when it was new, but this song is not something that brings back good memories, this is something MAYBE a 2 year old would sing along to (if he could talk that is)

please NG, take this away from best ever, it is not all that good, listen to ''long way home'' or ''heaven rd2'' and ''heaven rd. 3'' cause THOSE are the ones that belong here!

a little extra tip is rythm, follow the rythm when you rap, that helps:)

i hope this helps you more than my other, blind rage. sorry...


sonicmega responds:

Much better :)

Well, to begin, please understand that I don't tell people to write reviews for my songs, I just respond to them. How people choose to react to what I produce is their choice and their choice only, and I shall act accordingly.

As for the "ghetto" addition, I apologize if it didn't work the way I intended, but it sounded flat just simply saying the names, so I wanted to add some gruffness to it.

The 2 year old comment is unnecessary. Don't do that. Same with asking NG to remove a submission or plugging other songs in your review. All bad ideas.

Lastly, I agree that I could have made a little more effort to follow the rhythm, but with all due respect there were some sections where keeping the names pronounced right was also just as difficult. Still, duly noted.

All that said, I still don't see how your review matches that of a 0 score, but I will accept it anyway. Just consider that what the author receives for his submission (in terms of reviews) is, to my knowledge, not a result of his telling people what to say.

:( I didn't like it ):

First, wasn't very much rhyming. Second change that voice at 1:10. Third, what happened at 1:03? It sounds like it got cut off! Fourth, I thought it was very kiddish, especially that part at 1:26 where you say, "come on everybody if you know the song sing along". I didn't like that at all, and at the beginning what you said in the first five seconds, well, it gets really annoying whenever I open up the Audio Portal and IT starts to play. Fifth I don't even like Pokemon. Sixth I did didn't like how you put the lyrics in Author's Comments: It got very annoying while writing this review, though it's nice for people that want to follow along with the song(not me). Seventh I don't even like Pokemon, so your gonna get marks off for that of course. And finally, why is this at the top when its score is 2.81/5.00?

sonicmega responds:

1) Look over the lyrics again. There's most DEFINITELY rhyming.

2) Was going for a different range of voice, my bad.

3) Beginning of second section. You didn't think this was all done in one take, did you?

4) Your rating shouldn't be affected by the fact that you hear it when you go to the Audio Portal. If it annoys you that much, mute your comp until you click a song.

5) That's the same logic as marking your review abusive simply because I didn't like your name.

6) How do AUTHOR COMMENTS interrupt you from writing a review? That makes no sense at all D:

7) See #5

8) Because at the precise moment that the Weekly Top 5 was announced, this song had a rating of 4.71.

Hope that answered everything!

Doesn't deserve to be on top.

Honestly I don't like it at all. I don't like the beat , the rhymes suck , I just don't like any of it. Maybe its just my opinion , and I could understand if some people loved it , but seriously , EVERYONE loves this?

There are plenty of very hard worked on songs that can easily top this.

sonicmega responds:

Saying "everyone loves this" is a lie, because if you browse through the review pages, there are just as many reviews downcasting this submission as there are reviews that praise it.

More importantly, however, is your comment that it "doesn't deserve" to be here, because that is making an inference on something I had no control over. I fully agree that there are songs out there that are more enjoyable than mine, but the placement of my audio is based on the VOTES OF THE PEOPLE, not of myself. I cannot be blamed for the fact that when the Top 5 of the Week were set, my audio had a score that reflected the opinions of the people who DID view it, and not those who didn't.

I'm not angry at you for doubting the position of this submission, but do not hold it against me for what it has attained through methods I have no influence on.