Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


I cant believe you really did that. THATS amazing I wouldn't believe someone would do that.

sonicmega responds:

It took quite a bit of time, but I'm very happy with the outcome. Fortunately, it seems you are too, so both parties win!

made me happy

this rhyme makes me happy =D.

sonicmega responds:

Seeing you happy makes me happy. :D

Wow...this deserves a higher score than it is now.

It must have taken a LONG LONG time to figure out how to create a rhyming symphony of Pokemon names. That Poke-rap was somewhat considered a fiasco when the series first started out (some parents accusing it of being subliminal messaging) but I felt it had a bit of a rhyming effect...and it's even avaliable on I-Tunes download (i think it's still downloadable).

But point being said...it must have taken a long time....only thing I felt it lacked was a chorus.

Like how they say...."With over 150 different kinds of Pok-E-Mon! etc"

But making the names rap is the real challange.

Perhaps is you give the idea to Nintendo...they will make a full length one for American Television. But then again...it might be better as simple fan work, yours to claim and yours alone that is.

Good Job!

sonicmega responds:

Subliminal messaging?! My god, I didn't know they went that far in accusing it. That is just ridiculous.

Yeah, I agree, a chorus probably would have helped this submission a lot, but being it too late now I hope you'll accept what's here now.

I actually did send the Mp3 to Nintendo Power's offices (at the request of my friends), but have received no response yet. That's fine, however, since I didn't expect anything to happen anyway.

Lastly, the major reason why this song has the score it does now is a combination of people downvoting it because it involves Pokemon and those downvoting it simply because it got a higher place than a song they feel "deserved it more". Not necessarily fair, but hey, this is Newgrounds, closest thing to real life there is. Best deal with it.

Anyway, thanks for the lengthy review, and for your vote! :D


are u 12
5/5 10/10

sonicmega responds:

18. Check the NG profile.

Thanks for your support!


I loved the pokemon song when I was little! XD