Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


Its so stupid its awesome, laughed threw the whole thing, also your voice was PERFECT for this song XD

sonicmega responds:

Thanks very much! I'm glad that it seems you really enjoyed this submission, and I was happy to produce it for viewers like you.

I can't believe it. o_O

You, sir, have some talent. Regardless of how close this was to the original Pokerap, and regardless of any imperfections in your voice (which is to be expected seeing as how the original version was probably created with extremely expensive recording equipment and cutting and editing), I couldn't possibly give you anything other than a 10 for your combination of great (I'm sure) effort, ballsiness (for having the courage to actually post something with your voice in it), and... well, talent, for being able to somehow fit all those extremely odd names into a pretty decently-rhyming work of audible art. I'm thoroughly impressed.


sonicmega responds:

Ballsiness... that's definitely a noun I haven't heard of before regarding my work, or ANYONE's work for that matter, but it does me good to see that you appreciated this submission so much. I know it may be childish in nature, but it was fun for me, and original if nothing else, knowing nothing of this manner has been produced before for the Sinnoh region.

Thanks for listening in, friend. Hope you'll come back for more!

Awesome Yo!

Wow dude that rap was simply awesome! I'm gonna download it more than one time!

sonicmega responds:

Oh, you... ;3


pokerap i would download that so it goes on my ipod lol

sonicmega responds:

Would? You can! See that little "disk" button next to the song timeframe? Click it!


That was funny! Good job and !@#$ you to the people say this sucks, you try it -.-

sonicmega responds:

Albeit without the strong language, I fully agree with you on your perspective; practically everyone who has naysayed this submission has probably never tried to put one together themselves, whether out of disdain for it or otherwise.