Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"

I'd like to know...

I liked it but...
Do all those pokemon already exist?

sonicmega responds:

Yup! Those are the names of every single Pokemon added in the Sinnoh Region, or more specifically, into the Diamond and Pearl versions of the game.


I remember this from the show. I just recently watched a lot of the first "league" (or season, if you will) and when I saw this part I instantly remembered it and chuckled. Cool to see I'm not the only one who remembers it, lol. Nice job, I admire your ability to put strange ideas to work.

sonicmega responds:

I do have a rather bad habit of doing that, don't I? XD

In any case, I'm glad it spurred some happy memories for you, and thanks for listening in!


Hey man that was so great! Nice voice acting, and great rap skills.

It's obvious some idiots voted low because they don't like pokemon and not for the audio. The song quality is excellent, also nice pronunciation! it must be hard to pronounce all that lyric, and keep a good breathing. Even if some guys voted low, I think the downloads speak for themselves, almost 2000 downloads in one week? wow! =D

sonicmega responds:

The download count, to me, is nothing less than simply fascinating. I feel so happy to see that my submission was liked enough to warrant a download onto a music player that may very well be shared with an even larger range of people.

However, this would not have happened if this song wasn't on the Top Weekly to be noticed, and for that I have to thank people like YOU for voting it to get it there. I truly do appreciate all the feedback I have gotten as a result, both constructive and praise-filled alike. Thank you! :D

I don't care what everyone says

First off I think this was hilarious. A great update to something that everyone that watched pokemon would know.

Yeah you got a bit offbeat every once in a while but your not exactly rhyming words that are on the right pentameter. And basically the whole thing rhymed.

Well the point of this review is that you did a great job with this and I got a brief chuckle out of this too.

sonicmega responds:

Short, sweet, and to the point, huh? I don't mind reading some of that now and then ;)

I'm glad you liked the rhyme scheme, I tried to do my best with it. I actually had to change the lyrics around a bit after first testing out the rap, in order to make sure everything was timed right. I even had to delete/edit some sections of music. It's all worth it though! Thanks for listening!


im not much of a pokemon fan
but i must say that was pretty good!
10/10 just for how you could say it so well !