Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"



sonicmega responds:

Uh... thanks!


LOL. The pokemon world is full of uncreative and hard to pronounce pokemon.

Good job making a parody of the sellout pokemon has become.


sonicmega responds:

I hear Nintendo just trademarked the versions Opal and Quartz...


Hate Pokemon, but good job

I gave you 5 and a 10. Cool that you took time out your day just to do this.

sonicmega responds:

When I consider both the response from the people who enjoy this, and the satisfaction of knowing I'm happy with the result, taking time out of my day is nothing to remorse. It's merely an occurance along the way.

Thanks for your vote!

Nice job

That was enternaining, not really original (Wierd Al did something like this.) Good job though, I liked it. Also congrats on the great score.

sonicmega responds:

I remember that! Damn, I wish I still had the MP3 of that song... I hadn't realized he already did this when I was making it, however, so please forgive me for that.

The score... isn't so great anymore, but I appreciate your support!


Ily. This is teh beastestestest early christmas present eber. <3 Also, this is to short. But I liked this song. So, there. Aasdfasdfugasdkhjgafcbadfhkbacjsdbfau sgxjhfadsgkdfgxkjnascbfjagjfbacygfadg nscfasdfasfascf
ITS STILL TO SHORT. GOOODO Wow. This system is dumb. I can no longer say what I want to and be done, I have to spam a bunch and such. Anywho. This is a cool song. My friend loves it. WHAT THE HELL. It's still to short. He wrote like a one like, and it was long enough. This is really anoying. I hope it's not my title that's to short. But. Whatever