Reviews for "Wereneffy"

These clock films just get worse and worse.

Didn't hold my interest.

Dune Crescent. =)

MetalClock responds:

Pretty late reply to you, but anyway :)
I know this movie isn't THAT good, because it was pretty rushed and I did all the animation on a crappy laptop. Be sure to watch my upcomming movies. They will be much better. Thanks for the review anyway.

Heheh.... nice...

Very impressive and spooky. Nice job guys, you did great on this one. It was very spooky and creepy in the beginning, and the ending lightened up like it should have with a happy ending. Great job, too bad it was too late for Halloween.

- BlueCherry Clock

Not bad...not bad.....

not a bad little movie you got. I would have liked it to last a little bit longer though.

Again...whats with the clocks???

Nice looking but extemely weird..and bouncing characters with no legs tsk tsk the easy way to avoid walk cycles.And again could have done wioth a story line

MetalClock responds:

Yea I know, I can animate humans etc. too but I think clock's are cooler, I'm thinking of starting to make non-clock flash too, though, so keep updated :P Thanks for the review

It was pretty good

There could have been more of a story line, but other then that it was a good flash. I do however, have one question...WHAT'S WITH THE CLOCKS!?!?!

MetalClock responds:

The Clock's are all about the love ^___^ check out their history in Genres and Series -> Collections -> Clockcrew -> History.